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Use Social Media to Promote Consent and Denim Day

Updated: Jan 18

Entice your friends and followers with your denim fashion sense.

Take a Selfie Wearing Denim

When you're the example of how easy it is to show support for a worthy cause, others can follow without any difficulties.

Post loads of amazing pictures of you in your denim. Add your own catchy phrase but use #DDL2024 #DDLA #denimday2024 and #consent to help others find Denim Day content.

Post a Meme

LaFASA has lots of engaging content and memes on their facebook page and on their website. LaFASA encourages everyone to share their posted images and published content. The more shares, the more the public knows that there are free services available statewide for survivors of sexual assault.

Stun Your Readers

Be original, show off your style, and tell your story.

Model your denim all week leading up to Denim Day! Tell your story and why you're wearing denim!

Get Inspired

To keep up with all things Denim Day, include links and tag friends that are joining you in jeans.

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